• Jasi

#44 Thank You

Have you ever tried not to fall 

Because no one has been there to catch you

You battle with your inner self

God has the last laugh

He exposed you to something new

A human, unmatched 

He captivated any room unlike anyone you had encountered before

You began to question God, as you have prayed to love no more

In the game of love

There are no rules

You invested the last few years

Trying to become a better you

So you built a wall to keep the demons out

Disregarding every lesson God has taught

I spent many nights on bended knee

Praying to unlove the man I had given every ounce of me

In a flash, God revealed he would never be there to witness the woman I eventually became

And to him, I thank for each act of betrayal; you know your name 

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