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March is Women’s History Month. It celebrates the vital roles and contributions made by women. History isn't history without our contributions to society. Although studies have shown men are competitive than men, women still aggressively complete and nurture at the same time. We become warriors through life trials. Where did the Sisterhood go?

It is okay to be a successful entrepreneur and support other women. By networking and collaborating with other women, you open the door to maximize strengths. In an interview with Elle magazine, Beyoncé stated women are the most loyal which is why her staff is primarily consisted of women.

Last year, I had the opportunity to attend the Ladies on a Mission Brunch. I will be in attendance this year! Women have a powerful connection, regardless of our backgrounds. To be in the presence of so much love and radiating positivity, helped me not only build lifelong connections but truly understand that we, “women” can change the world.

Being a guest writer to many female publications opens my viewpoint to a broader spectrum of the power we possess together. I am a frequent guest writer for Empowering Boss Life Magazine and many features are to come in the near future.

In sisterhood, our bonds are stronger, our secrets are sacred and our growing networking is endless. When go through difficult times, it is not unusual to feel alone and isolated. It’s our job to take care of one another. Fixed another’s woman crown without telling the world it was broken.

Establishing healthy friendships is also essential. This is sad but true, many women want to see you do well but not better than them. Nurture and cherish your friendships. Listen without judgment, offer endless encouragement and support.

"So here's to the women in our lives who have raised us, guided us, loved us, fought for us and hoped for us. And to the friendships that continue to teach us lessons, give us strength, make us laugh and keep us sane.

May they last a lifetime."

Love and Light, Jasi

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