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#44 Shuffle the Deck

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

 “I could never introduce you to my mother.... 

You have three kids”

Years ago this would have been quite the blow

I am a packaged deal 

I am a dope ass mom to three

I survived an unhealthy marriage 

I blossomed after divorce 

I bring the table to the table 

When my ex made that statement 

I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders 

I respected his honesty, even though he knew what I came with prior to making a commitment 

How ironic?

I dodged a bullet

Always go to battle, prepared to conquer the war

Yes, he was my knight in shining armor when I met him 

All men are

Armor was not created to withstand war of the heart 

My true potential had more to do with my willingness to struggle than with my past and present circumstances

I just wanna thank God for working harder than Satan, He’s playing favorites and it feels amazing 

I wrote in a previous blog “In the U.S., for example, fewer than 20 percent of all households are comprised of married parents and their kids. There are more households consisting of just one person living alone”

My children are happy, stable and thriving

I radiate positivity 

And I am a prayer in the flesh

I am a whole damn vibe

I responded “ Thank you for your honesty and not wasting anymore of my time”

Then threw the Joker back in the deck

When self-love becomes a divine responsibility 

You understand you’re not the one who took the L

I rolled over and peacefully drifted into my sweet dreams 

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