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31 Years Young

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

As I write this blog, the clock strikes midnight. My house is quiet. My children are sleeping without a care in the world. It is officially June 19, 2019, my 31st birthday. As I write this blog, on my 31st birthday, I cry uncontrollably. I cry because Chapter 30 has been the hardest thus far and I made it by the grace of God. His grace is indeed sufficient.

At 30, I was diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety and PTSD I started writing I became a single mom to 3 I became a divorcee I relocated my home for the well-being of my children I thought I would lose my Mom when she was diagnosed with breast cancer but she kicked cancers ass in less than a year I took a break from corporate America to heal mentally and emotionally I invested and rebranded my glam business from Jay C Makeup Artistry to Jasi Glams Me I gained business I lost business I gained more business I expanded my blog I was featured in three magazines I devoted more time to my children I traveled with my children and created new memories I started to live my life the way I wanted to without being concerned about the opinions of others I maintained a solid Sister Circle I learned every action doesn’t deserve a reaction (Disclaimer: The Lord is still working on me so don’t try me) I was featured in my very first podcast interview I returned to corporate America I built a solid network of business relationships I began writing my very first manuscript Chapter 30 was monumental. I thank God for everyone in my life. The number 30 means enlightenment followed by age 31 which means HOPE and the year of manifestation. At 30, I carried many burdens alone, not because I had to, but because I needed to in order to grow. At 30, I fell in love. At 30, I evolved from Jasmin into Jasi. I am Jasi, 31 years young.

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