• Jasi


Hey y’all, it’s Jasi. My apologies for not blogging recently but I have been EXTREMELY BUSY since leaving corporate America. Favor! Now let’s get down to business. My blog primarily is about mental, emotional and psychological health. There are times when I have so many things going on, and I have to sort my thoughts, have a woosah moment and let my keyboard take me away. I must admit I have been distracted, but the distraction has been a blessing in disguise. I had to sit down with my journal to organize an array of things and also catch up on messages from my readers. Amongst it all, I noticed a trend; self-love. Self-love starts with self. We often find ourselves in unhappy situations because we make concessions for others, hence, prioritizing their happiness over our owns. It’s not selfish to put yourself first. You may be that friend that people often lean on in times of need; to confide in, to help them maintain a balance. Sometimes it’s a necessity to step away for some spiritual maintenance. Don’t feel guilty. Friends who genuinely cherish you will be completely understanding. When it comes to romance, self-love is an entirely different entity. My block list has only gotten longer. Some men feel entitled, and they do not respect women the way we should be regarded. Stick to your boundaries and standards, be okay with having them. I say this because there are people in casual relationships, long distance relationships, newly established relationships, troubled relationships marriages, and SITUATIONSHIPS. I could go on, but I’ll leave it there...for now. To be quite honest, I did not reach my plateau of happiness until I removed romantic relationships and fell in love with the woman I had become after experiencing trauma. I use the term trauma because divorce in any circumstance isn’t easy. I had to get to my lowest point to decide to be unhappy or happy. And I had to rely on myself to get there. Happiness is a choice. I am truly blessed to have the support of my family; however, your happiness should not be placed in the hands of others. That would be the complete opposite of self-love. Healing is difficult for some people because their lives are centered around the trauma that they have experienced. Taking control of your life is imperative. Love you all. Jasi💗

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