• Jasi

Laying Solid Foundations through Healing 

How do you heal when you are broken? How do you break the cycle? Unless you can answer these questions and have an action plan in place your life will be constant chaos.

TIME HEALS Time heals, literally. You have to be patient when putting the pieces of your life back together. You must spiritually strengthen yourself. I’m very close to my parents and as I’ve gotten older, our bond has become stronger. My Daddy told me “Jasmin take your time. Cut all ties before you move on”. My parents are a source of constant love and support. They’ve always supported my endeavors. And my baby sister encouraged me to journal which resulted into this blog. When you are ready to move on do not settle or ignore red flags.

When I was broken, it seemed like everyone around me was getting a blessing but me. I felt discouraged. I prayed constantly. Have you ever loved someone so much that you prayed to UNLOVE them? That’s where I was. Psalm 147:3 reads: He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Your season will come but you must be patient. God may not show up when we want him too but he’s always on time. Gods timing. When you’re depressed you always have the capability to take control of your life. Engaging in healthy coping mechanisms put me on the right path to healing. For me, personally I started journaling daily. At the end of each week I would go back and read the journal entries to see where I was making progress and where I had opportunity to improve. According to Everyday Health there are many alternatives: talking to a therapist, boost your self image (when we look good, we feel good right), stick to a schedule and even staying busy. I volunteer at my daughters school frequently. As your life begins to shift in a positive direction, you will realize you’re not the same person you used to be. DO NOT allow others to label you based on your past. Walking with God was my game changing strategy. Happy Healing! Love you all.

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