• Jasi

He loves me.....He loves me not? 

Okay he SAYS he loves you. He’s so madly in love with you, can’t live without you, you’re his rib lingo, right? Oh or my all time favorite, we can date “EXCLUSIVELY” but I’m not ready for a relationship. RUN!!! I can’t make this up, men really try us. Sis, are his actions in alignment with his words?....likely not. What does your intuition say? Our hearts are at a constant battle with the heart and mind. Being single a form of freedom. I agree. Setting standards and not settling allows you to easily weed out the liars and manipulators. Someone recently asked me if I believe in the 80/20 theory. What I will say is no man is perfect but the man who is ready to love you will make it undoubtedly known. Vulnerability causes us to be hesitant because in order to find true love you must expose your true self. Now I have a no need to waste our time mind state. I’m a single mom of three, I have a full time career and operate an independent business. In layman’s terms, don’t waste my time. I’ve literally had this conversation twice this week. I do not entertain men who have different expectations than what I have. I NO LONGER tolerate one foot in and one foot out situationships. Sis, it’s unhealthy. In my time of singleness I’ve found a fondness in other things. I have new hobbies, I’ve found interests in things I typically wouldn’t have and have built new HEALTHY PLATONIC friendships. Many women fear being alone and settle. I sleep peacefully not settling. I seek happiness. When a man truly experiences unconditional love, there are no excuses. Being in love is easy. If you have any doubts, knock his ass off the pedestal you’ve created. Remember, YOU ARE THE PRIZE. Hold on to your freedom until God sends you a man who loves you so deep, the ocean would be jealous. Love you all!


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