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Coparenting Superpower

By web definition, co-parenting is when a separated or unmarried couple share the duties of parenting. My personal definition is providing my children with the perfect Mommy & Daddy balance. Thaddeus and I are 15 years in. We were high school sweethearts. Our priority is social psychological problem solving and collaborating. Co-parenting increases children’s sense of security and reduces stress. In co-parenting, parents model respectful conflict resolution skills. Co-parenting increases the likelihood of 2 active parents remaining in the children’s lives. Our girls have the best of both worlds and unfortunately, Thaddeus and I must play good cop versus bad cop frequently; it’s pretty hilarious. Our families are very involved with one another and tag team responsibilities as well from school functions to birthday parties, We do it all TOGETHER! Lorraine Segal, MA was a community college professor for many years, before finding her true passion for helping people communicate better. Now, she has her own Sonoma County (Santa Rosa) based conflict management coaching, mediation, and training, business, Conflict Remedy. She works with parents and teens, couples, individuals and organizations to improve communication and resolve conflict. She also teaches in the Conflict Resolution program at Sonoma State University and offers workshops and training's on bullying issues for schools and other organizations. After 15 years, Thaddeus and I are still standing, all in. For this Man, I will forever be grateful.

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