• Jasi

#44 Promise Land

When did women except pieces of a man

just to feel entitled

The thought of someone else’s husband being my man has me baffled

The test of time has changed the relationship requirements

I am the prize, yet a man feels like he has the right to put me in a lineup of women who could not complete the assignment on their best day

I used to think I had the upper hand competing for a mans attention

then, it dawned on me that had he met me years before

he would have to prove himself to be the obvious mate

he would not even think about taking me to bed

Until he had my father’s permission to wed

Now we live in a world of baby mama drama and broken promises

But through my pain a goddess emerged

so in order to step to me, you must come correct

In my ball game I will not hesitate to eject

Women were created to breathe life into man

So believe the hype, I am a vibe

The one who wins my heart will be off with me to the promise land


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