• Jasi

#44 He Left

He left, my heart was held hostage

In his possession

I was powerless in bondage

I will never forget May 1st

I was angry and felt cursed

This was the same man who begged me not to leave

”You’re my rib”

Naïve to salvage what was left

I pulled up to his crib

He looked me in the eyes

As she and I finally were face-to-face

He said it’s over

I lost the race

Their courtship lasted a few years

But he never left me in the wind

I was always at his side for celebrations and nights out with our mutual friends

The narcissistic relationship almost cost me my life

Until one day a good friend told me it would never work because I was destined to be someone else’s wife

Our conversations grew shorter

Time together became less spent

We knew it was time to close our toxic chapter

Or spend the rest of our lives in repent

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